Arthur Hernández is presently Assistant Professor of Music at Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut where he is building a music program there to soon offer an Associate Degree in Music with an emphasis on Music and Health. His present teaching duties include music theory, music appreciation, piano class, and applied music lessons in piano and composition. In addition, he has initiated the Gateway Concert Series at his college.

In 2022, Kendall Hunt Publishers released Arthur Hernández’s ebook, The Down and Dirty Elements of Music Theory.

From 2016-2019 Arthur Hernandez was Assistant Professor of Music and Co-Coordinator of the Music Program at El Paso Community College in El Paso, Texas.  As an instructor, his primary responsibilities include teaching the four semester series of music theory and sight-singing/dictation courses, applied composition, applied piano, jazz to rock, and music appreciation.  As the Co-Coordinator of the Music Program, his duties and responsibilities include overseeing all administrative aspects of the music program. While back in El Paso, Hernández established The Rio Grande Concert Series, featuring an array of up and coming music artists and ensembles.

For eleven years, he taught at Capital Community College in Hartford, Connecticut, managing and overseeing the entire music program, teaching music composition, music theory, and music appreciation. He also founded Concerts@Capital, an eclectic music concert series which showcased a vast variety of music artists and ensembles.

Arthur Hernandez has enjoyed a long and successful career in music education, beginning in 1985 as a young piano instructor in El Paso, Texas.  He has literally taught all levels of music, from beginning piano, singing, and musicianship for children, to graduate level composition and music theory courses.  His teaching and pursuit of education has taken him throughout the United States.

Hernandez believes that teaching is a fundamental part of being a creative music artist. A major element which feeds the artistic life force is the charge to pass on what one knows, what one has been given, and what one has experienced, to succeeding generations of musicians.  Dr. Hernandez considers this responsibility an honor and a privilege, and relishes each opportunity to work with fellow musicians in this capacity.  The great American composer Donald Erb repeatedly said throughout his teaching career that “teaching is an act of love.”  Arthur Hernandez completely agrees with this sentiment.